Hair Care

Dalan d’Olive has been dermatologically tested by an independent laboratory in Germany and is recommended for use on all skin types, especially sensitive skin.  Formulated using Aegean olive oil and especially developed with you in mind, Dalan d’Olive’s luxurious range of products will leave your skin feeling fresh and well moisturised.

Direct from Turkey, we can now offer you our Personal Care range, formulated using Aegean Olive Oil.
  • D’Olive Repairing Care Olive Oil Shampoo 400ml
    Dalan d’Olive Repairing Care Shampoo nourishes your scalp while strengthening and repairing damaged hair. It gently cleans and moisturises from root to tip, providing your hair with a natural softness and beautiful shine.
    NZ$ 33.00 each
  • Dalan d’Olive Repairing Care Conditioner - 200ml
    Made from Aegean olive oil and wheat protein, Dalan d’Olive Repairing Care Conditioner nourishes, strengthens and repairs damaged hair, preventing it from forming split ends. This natural conditioner gently untangles your hair, leaving it soft, shiny and full of vitality.
    NZ$ 26.00 each
  • Dalan d'Olive Colour Protect Shampoo - 400ml
    Dalan d’Olive Colour Protection Shampoo with world famous Aegean olive oil nourishes your dyed hair without stripping the colour, making it last twice as long. You too will feel the benefits in just one week!
    NZ$ 33.00
  • Dalan d'Olive Colour Protect Conditioner - 200ml
    Made from Aegean olive oil and pearl protein, Dalan d’Olive Colour Protection Conditioner nourishes, strengthens and protects your coloured hair by smoothing the cuticle and trapping the dye pigment, making it last longer. You will notice the difference after the first few washes.
    NZ$ 26.00
  • Dalan d'Olive Volumising Shampoo - 400ml
    Derived from natural ingredients, Dalan d’Olive Volumising Shampoo uses pure Aegean olive oil and natural rice protein to plump up thin hair making it visibly fuller and stronger. In just one week, you’ll start to see the benefits for yourself. It is especially suitable for dull or lifeless hair. Using the Dalan d’Olive Volumising hair care range regularly will give you back your luscious locks in no time!
    NZ$ 33.00
  • Dalan d'Olive Volumising Conditioner - 200ml
    Made from Aegean olive oil and rice protein, Dalan d’Olive Volumising Conditioner makes your hair visibly fuller and stronger. This natural conditioner gently untangles your hair, leaving it soft, shiny, manageable and moisturised.
    NZ$ 26.00