Fresh & Mineral Soap Bars

Dalan d’Olive has been independently tested and is recommended for use on all skin types, especially sensitive skin.  Formulated using Aegean olive oil and developed with you in mind, dalan d’Olive’s luxurious range of products will leave your skin feeling fresh and well moisturised.

Formulated using Natural Minerals with a variety of different natural ingredients, these soap bars help keep a number of different skin types clean, healthy, smooth and soft.
  • Fresh & Mineral Soap with Sea Salt
    As a natural humectant, the use of Natural Minerals together with Sea Salt this soap bar helps to retain the moisture in your skin. Use regularly on body and face, to feel and look healthy, always.
    NZ$ 14.00
  • Fresh & Mineral Soap with Bamboo Charcoal
    Using Bamboo Charcoal with Natural Minerals, this soap bar is ideal for clearing skin with clogged pores. Use on body and face.
    NZ$ 14.00